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There are many great restaurants in Leeds. Many of them are well known but some of them don't enjoy the reputation they deserve. Below, I've picked out five restaurants that are great, but you wouldn't think so from looking at them. Step inside though and you will find a tasty feast.

Curry Leaf

I would suggest Curry Leaf is probably the most undiscovered restaurant in Leeds - it's single small doorway gives way to a wonderous interior and for a very modest price you get more excellent food that two people could possibly eat. Try their thali.

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Cafe Italia

There are more Italian restaurants in Leeds than any other category, so it's easy to overlook the less well known ones. But Cafe Italia, for me, tops the list of Italian restaurants. Try their linch deal, a pizza and drink for around £7, and if they have any, the homemade tiramisu.

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Fuji Hiro

It might not look like much on the outside, nor does it look particularly good on the inside. But despite it's appearance, the shabby cafe of Fuji Hiro serves some of the best Japanese food in Leeds. Try their chicken katsu curry.

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Elements at Novotel

Restaurants rarely produce excellent food and having never heard of Novotel, I wasn't expecting good things. So it was an excellent suprise when they suprassed all expectations. Arguably the best food of any hotel in Leeds. Try their squid with chilli jam.

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A basement bar isn't the first place you might think of as doing a great roast. But Distrikt defies convention to make itself my firm favourite for Sunday lunch.

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Posted 31 July 2013 14:33