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I am pleased to announce that for the first time ever the Leeds Restaurant Guide will be available in print. It comes in at 312 pages in length and comes with a full-colour glossy cover that looks amazing.

Should you buy the eBook version or the paperback version? My advice is the eBook version is best. It is easy to navigate around the book using the table of contents, comes with an index, the photographs are in colour and it is easier to update.

In comparison the print edition comes with a black and white interior and has a table of contents but no index. It is still a great book! We have optimised the images for print and made the ratings and cuisine types easier to read. It measures in at the industry standard size of 6x9 inches (just slightly bigger than A5).

There is also something special about a physical book. That is a quality that you cannot replicate with a eBook and so I am very pleased that we can now offer both.

Posted 6 February 2016 17:23