Crown Buffet

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We have just walked into Crown Buffet and there is not a person talking Chinese to be heard, nor a pair of chopsticks in sight. I am beginning to suspect this will not be the most authentic experience we have ever had. That does not mean it will not live up to expectations though - I keep an open mind.

It's located in a former school with a beautiful frontage that makes for a lovely setting. It also has a car park.

Having been quickly seated at a table, above which hang Christmas decorations, we decide to dive straight in. It feels a bit Chinese-takeaway - most of the dishes available are exactly what you would expect from a bastardised English version of what we think Chinese food is.

It is reasonably tasty, but no tastier than what you would get from a takeaway - and at £10 a head, I guess I expected more. Service was quick, but the food simply failed to impress, in an atmosphere that felt sterile.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


Academy Bldg, Gower St, Leeds, LS2 7PX

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