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The Malmaison brand uses the tagline “hotels that dare to be different” - they should have a little personality to them. We certainly got that. As we walked in, we were greeted by a remarkably friendly waiter, sporting a thick yet entirely comprehensible Scottish accent. My family being from Glasgow, I am aware of just how rare a gift that is.

I start out with the prawn cocktail, as this is a Malmaison signature dish, according to the menu, while Elina goes for the tuna. Both successfully impress. The prawns are succulent and juicy, and the sauce complements them nicely.

I was eyeing up a simple steak frites for my main, but the waiter suggests I might want to upgrade to something a little bigger - a good call as it would have been rather on the lean side otherwise, and who can say no to more meat?

The staff even check the football scores for me when I feigned interest. A highly enjoyable dining experience and well worth a visit.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


1 Swinegate, Leeds LS1 4AG

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