Pizza Express

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With Pizza Express you know what you are getting - and what you are getting is a reasonable pizza for a reasonable price. That said, I have never been overly in love with the place. Their Romana pizzas are not bad, but ultimately fail to provide any flare.

The staff are usually helpful, though sometimes a little too helpful. Last time I went on a Wednesday, they asked if we had Orange Wednesdays to get 50% off. I said none of us did, but he said he would put it through anyway. This was most annoying as the meal was on expenses, but after that I felt I had to tip more generously.

Pizza Express is a solid choice if you have plenty of vouchers or need to take a large group, but beyond that, why give it that much of a look when there are so many great Italian restaurants around the city?

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


The White Cloth Hall, Crown St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 7DA

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