The Old Steps

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This restaurant has closed down.

Walking back to the office, a sign caught my eye for a place that I did not even know existed - The Old Steps. They did food, so the next day we decided to head over there to see if it would make an amenable lunch spot.

We descended the steps and entered a small basement bar that was rather full. "Don't worry", said the barman slash waiter, "this lot are going in a minute". It seems to be a regular lunch spot for one office crowd - certainly a positive sign. Soon enough they had left and we seated ourselves at a table and ordered two gourmet burgers. In the background a TV played ITV News, which seemed a strange choice to me.

The burgers arrived quickly. At least quicker than I was expecting given it seemed reasonably busy, but not suspiciously quickly, like when you order a burger at Wetherspoons and it arrives before you have got back to your table. It contained a stack of ingredients towering up, including plenty of beef, bacon, cheese and salad - all the major food groups covered.

It was really greasy - which for both myself and Elina was a definite plus point. It was the kind of greasy that is a good greasy. Though if grease is not your thing, they also have quite a broad range of salads.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


26 York Pl, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 2EY

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