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Located on Woodhouse Lane, Varsity feels a lot like a 'Spoons - it has plenty of space, an extensive range of drinks and table numbers for you to order at the bar. We sit down at what looks like a comfortable sofa but turns out to be a rather hard bench with sofa fabric stretched over the top. It does make it more convenient for eating at though.

I ordered a monster chicken platter that came with three different kinds of chicken, all of which were reasonably tasty, although the hunter's chicken bit could have done with a bit more topping. Certainly not bad value for under £10 though.

Varsity's real strength is how family friendly it is. They have an extensive kids menu, and puzzles and colouring sheets for kids to do, yet the atmosphere had enough buzz that the children that were in there were not disturbing everyone. I was surprisingly impressed.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


Merrion Centre, 20-24 Woodhouse Ln, Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 8LX

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