Fuji Hiro

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Fuji Hiro certainly does not look like the most inviting place. Buried at the back of the Merrion Centre, surrounded by takeaways, it looks like a run down cafe. What it is, essentially, is a greasy spoon that serves Japanese food. A proposition that turns out to be a winning combination.

I order the chicken katsu curry. Service is not the most friendly. Having produced a £20, the waitress carefully eyes up the contents of my wallet and demands I pay her using my £5 notes instead. Still, the food did arrive fast.

What food it is too - just the right level of hot and incredibly delicious. The rice is sticky, without being too sticky, and the portion size is just about right. At a struggle I managed to finish the whole thing.

Do not let outward appearances deceive you - this is a hidden gem.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


45 Wade Ln, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 8NJ

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