The Ship Inn

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Nestled along Briggate in one of the alley ways leading up to Lands Lane, you will find The Ship. It is rather a small place with two flooring levels, reminding you of a main and aft deck of a ship. Perhaps that is why it was named so, I never thought to ask.

I ordered the hunter's chicken, which arrived in a semi-reasonable time. In their menu they discuss the various local businesses in Kirkgate Market they use to provide their ingredients, which is great. I am sure lots of other places may do so as well, but if they do, they should shout about it.

The meal itself was disappointing though. It was laid out in a fancy pattern across the plate and that just does not work for a hunter's chicken. It needs to fuse together - pub food is not fancy! The chips were also undercooked, so all in all, very disappointing.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


71 Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LL

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