The White Rose

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As the largest train station outside of London, Leeds Station is normally a pretty busy place. It is a very pleasant suprise then to walk into The White Rose and find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere with soft background music and none of the bustle that is going on outside.

Their menu offers traditional pub food, and many of the dishes are marked with an "express" icon. This means they guarantee you will receive your food within 13 minutes, which is great if you are waiting for a train. I decided to wait for the hunter's chicken, and the barmaid explained it would be about twenty minutes, which was accurate, as it arrived eighteen minutes later.

The food was less promising however. I would have liked my hunter's chicken to have had more cheese; as it was, it felt a little like several ingredients sitting next to each other, rather than forming one well-designed dish.

Reviewed by Leeds Restaurant Guide.


Leeds Station, Leeds, LS1 4DY

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